Wisdom as Old as Nature
Heat and cold: Ancient remedies providing relief and healing. Without invasive procedures or dangerous drugs, heat dilates blood vessels bringing needed nourishment and quickly removes toxic waste. Cold constricts blood vessels, calms muscle spasms, and reduces inflammation and pain.

With Fashy Hot Water Bottle products, these simple, universally recognized and effective therapeutic solutions use some of the most advanced thermoplastic materials on the planet. Safe, effective, hygienic, virtually odor-free, and able to withstand both hot and cold in one product, Fashy Hot Water Bottles are the modern application of these ancient methods.

Cheap, leaky, smelly, rubber hot water bottles just don't cut it anymore. Their time is gone. End users demand more and are seeking a clearly superior quality product. Move on. Move up. Move to Fashy.

Retirement Announcement!
For the past 20 years, since we built the first FashionHot.com website in 1999, we have enjoyed representing a product line that really helps people. That has been a pleasure. Now it's time for us to close up shop and relax a bit. Sherry will assume her role as doting grandmother and Michael moves on to a photography career.

This may take a few months to complete so we're not going anywhere immediately, we simply want to thank our many loyal customers who made this all possible.

We will have a sale, soon, so watch your email for the announcement. It's going to be big. We don't know what plans Fashy has in mind for a new distributor yet but we will keep you posted via email and this page.
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